New Flight

by Sam Newcomer

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Sam has been content to call Nashville, TN home. But four years and three albums later, he is packing up and moving to the Boston area to attend seminary. This newest (and probably last) record, "New Flight," is a sequel to 2010's "Everything After Flight," and deals with themes of the unknown, childhood, nostalgia, exploration, and goodbye. Written and recorded in the span of two weeks, these songs are a sending-off, a prayer for continued growing in future travels.


released August 16, 2012

Graciously engineered by Ben Shaw
Photography by Ashley Morgan
Everything else by Sam Newcomer

All songs written by Sam Newcomer, except "The Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee," composed by Harry Braisted & Stanley Carter.

Danika Lukasiewicz contributed cello to "Around the World" and violin to "New Flight Reprise" and "The Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee." She also sang on that song.

Kevin Morris played bass on "New Flight."

The following is a list of samples provided by members of and are protected under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License:
- 1103campfire1.wav provided by sagetyrtle and used in "Girl I Loved."
- london.mp3 provided by walter-odington and used in "Blackout."
- screaming_Indian_brass.wav provided by ERH and used in "Altar."

This album is dedicated to my Nashville family.



all rights reserved


Sam Newcomer Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: New Flight
I am on my way
Mighty BNA
Driving headfirst into the sun
And I feel like all of my days have led up to this one
While I wait I watch
Other planes touch down
And I wonder if they slept last night
All the stars tell me welcome but I'm not landing, I'm taking flight

Taking flight and from my seat I see
I see the city from an aerial peace
I see the skyline bathed in morning light
I see the traffic crawl like cells in a stream
Hey, I can see my house
And we turn and set our course for the Northeast shores
The clouds envelop us in mystery and care
I close my eyes and I begin to explore
My home is waiting there

Was this trip the same
When I split my cage
And the Lord took away all my sin
O the freedom I felt as I soared on the breath of the wind!
No more shame or guilt
No more fear or death
Now I travel in newness of life
'Cause every step is a joy when the dawn is a call to a new flight

Taking flight and from my seat I see
I see the old self I once loved to please
I see the roads God used to lead me here
I see the faint shades of eternity
Yeah, I will see his face (O his beautiful face!)
'Til then I'll trudge with every breath and shout
And find my rest in his mystery and care
I am marching to my Father's house
My home is waiting there!
Track Name: New Flight Reprise
And all that to say
I stand here today
Assured but ever afraid
God, you've called me into this new unknown
And the Helper is near
To tend to my fears
To show me that this ain't the end
But it hurts me still to see that my time here is done

And on we go...
And on we go...

This is a new flight
This is a new flight

Here was where I learned how beautiful and radiant is your bride
Now you send me out to prove me her influence great and her presence wide
Oh, my dear family
I know I shall see you again

And on we go...
Track Name: Around the World
I got on an airplane
Every day when I got home from school
And I went around the world
It was me, Amanda, and the crew
And we left good ol' Indiana behind
We never even left the neighborhood

All of the sights and sounds
Yeah, I swore that I'd never go back
Me and my trusty bike
Doing laps around the cul-de-sac
How I'd fly around those corners!
How the wind would bite my face!
Oh to be young and bold and courageous with a world to chase

So pack lightly, my dear brother
Oh, our innocence ain't so far gone
We have yet to let our paths take us downstream
And I'll bet there's parts of you you've never seen

When I turned the corner
Found myself in another country
Exploring the lands untouched
Pioneering through the woods and weeds
And once we found a wooden fort laid waste
And a hideout by the bridge
And when the enemy attacks can't nobody say that we're just kids

So pack lightly, my dear sister
Oh, our innocence ain't so far gone
We have yet to let our paths take us downstream
And I'll bet there's parts of you you've never seen

Baby, deeper and deeper we go
Baby, we're roaming high and low
I'm playing around the world, do you wanna come with me?
I'm going around the world, do you wanna come with me?

So pack lightly, my dear family
Oh, our innocence ain't so far gone
We have yet to let our paths take us downstream
And I'll bet there's parts of you you've never seen
Come, little children and put your trust in me
Track Name: Postcards (for Grant)
I get postcards from you now and then
Full of names that you’ve given to the beasts
Oh, but under the newness of this all
Beneath the tales of accents and alcohol
There’s a boy who is trying to stand up tall
There’s a boy who is still but not at peace

I get postcards from you here and there
I always chuckle and think about that great big pond
I’m glad you’re getting out and seeing all the sights
But I know you feel like sleepers under prison lights
You’re a boy whose bed still isn’t fitting right
You’re a boy who’s sick of saying, “So long.”

But this a letter I receive, I read your words and weep
I read of you learning yourself as you learn the land
You in the northern rain, a million miles away
And me here wishing I could understand
I will pray for the burdens on your heart
And I will pray for the boy in the postcards

Your words drip with nostalgia and lament
It’s so hard to be okay with the unknown
But as you wander out of Egypt with your doubts
I say, be humbled by the promise of the clouds
This is God, and He’s fathering you out
To a permanent and everlasting home

Yeah, the journey’s getting hard, and the road ahead seems far
And you’re afraid that God will strip you once again
But should this be the case, keep your voice and fingers raised
For He’s refining you and will be ‘til the end
Count it joy all these burdens on your heart
And take courage, little boy in the postcards

In this trust fall from a cliff
Encompassed by a fog so thick
Clear away the fog with your faith
If you have it, clear the fog with your faith
In your own words which you said to me
God is faithful, firm, and mighty
Would you believe it in your soul?
Please, my friend, believe it in your soul

You are loved, let that be enough
Close your eyes and rest...
Track Name: The Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee
On a morning bright and clear
To my old home I grew near,
Just a village down in sunny Tennessee.
I was speeding on a train
That would bring me back again
To my sweetheart, who was waiting there for me.

We could hear the old folks singing
As she bid farewell to me;
Far across the fields of cotton
My old homestead I could see.
As the moon rose in its glory,
There I told life's sweetest story
To the girl I loved in sunny Tennessee.

The old train drew up at last,
Over me old scenes had passed,
As I kissed my Mother at the station door.
My old friends gathered 'round,
Tears on every face I found,
But I missed the one that I'd been longing for.

And I whispered, "Mother, dear,
Where is Mary? She's not here."
All the world seemed lost and sadness come to me.
For she pointed to a spot
In the little churchyard lot;
There my sweetheart sleeps in sunny Tennessee.
Track Name: The History no. 3 (Blackout)
I step off the T to find the neighborhood a mess
Blackout in Back Bay
Floodlights at each corner, traffic guards in yellow vests
Blackout in Back Bay
Workmen on the curbs with their hammers drillin' deep
Cop cars blocking intersections, sirens singing sweet
And now the fire alarm's gone off in the lot across the street
Blackout in Back Bay

Blackout in Back Bay
Blackout in Back Bay
And they say that we'll be without power two or three more days
Blackout in Back Bay

So with no plan or agenda we put on our walking shoes
Blackout in Back Bay
People pass with papers sacks of candles for their rooms
Blackout in Back Bay
And all the stores are closed 'cept for this tiny record shop
So we hop in and thumb through dusty vinyl in the dark
Owner's got a miner's cap, says I will not be stopped
By a blackout in Back Bay

Blackout in Back Bay
Blackout in Back Bay
Yeah, this'll give the sidewalk strangers something good to say
Blackout in Back Bay

So we venture into Cambridge 'cross the chilly River Charles
Blackout in Back Bay
Students hiding out in coffee shops and tavern bars
Blackout in Back Bay
And wandering though Harvard with its wisdom and its age
My fingers graze its walls, I feel the history in this place
Take what you have seen and turn it all back into praise
Blackout in Back Bay

Blackout in Back Bay
Blackout in Back Bay
Sometimes it takes a power trip to get you on your way
Blackout in Back Bay

Blackout in Back Bay
Blackout in Back Bay
And then when I return, you can show me your whole face
Blackout in Back Bay
Track Name: (My Home Is Waiting There)
Track Name: Altar in My Heart
I remember nights when I would go outside and lay beneath the trees
And there in that place was when I first laid my burdens at your feet
And I would talk about the day behind
And you would listen patiently
And I would gaze up at the month-old Nashville stars
And share like you were sitting next to me
O how you met me there beneath the trees

I remember when your spirit stole into my heart one afternoon
And I fell down on my knees and knew the glory of the gospel to be true
O what a strange and lovely fellowship
What you spoke through I spoke to you
And from my lips came shouts of well-befitting praise
There, laughing on the kitchen floor, I gave my life to you

O God I praise you for the times when I can't stand
I fall and look back at your ever-guiding hand
And store evidences of the mercy you impart
An altar in my heart
An altar in my heart

O I remember sinking into waters deep and warm and free
And I remember rising up to have your love descend on me
I remember your provision, your protection, might and power
Shining through my drunkenness, arriving in my desperate hour
From 65 I said hello to a now most familiar sky
And from the top of Love Circle I say goodbye, I say goodbye...