Postcards (for Grant)

from by Sam Newcomer



I get postcards from you now and then
Full of names that you’ve given to the beasts
Oh, but under the newness of this all
Beneath the tales of accents and alcohol
There’s a boy who is trying to stand up tall
There’s a boy who is still but not at peace

I get postcards from you here and there
I always chuckle and think about that great big pond
I’m glad you’re getting out and seeing all the sights
But I know you feel like sleepers under prison lights
You’re a boy whose bed still isn’t fitting right
You’re a boy who’s sick of saying, “So long.”

But this a letter I receive, I read your words and weep
I read of you learning yourself as you learn the land
You in the northern rain, a million miles away
And me here wishing I could understand
I will pray for the burdens on your heart
And I will pray for the boy in the postcards

Your words drip with nostalgia and lament
It’s so hard to be okay with the unknown
But as you wander out of Egypt with your doubts
I say, be humbled by the promise of the clouds
This is God, and He’s fathering you out
To a permanent and everlasting home

Yeah, the journey’s getting hard, and the road ahead seems far
And you’re afraid that God will strip you once again
But should this be the case, keep your voice and fingers raised
For He’s refining you and will be ‘til the end
Count it joy all these burdens on your heart
And take courage, little boy in the postcards

In this trust fall from a cliff
Encompassed by a fog so thick
Clear away the fog with your faith
If you have it, clear the fog with your faith
In your own words which you said to me
God is faithful, firm, and mighty
Would you believe it in your soul?
Please, my friend, believe it in your soul

You are loved, let that be enough
Close your eyes and rest...


from New Flight, released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Sam Newcomer Boston, Massachusetts

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